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Book Review: Room 59 The Powers That Be by Cliff Ryder

Room 59 the Powers that Be delivers fast pace, great characters and one hell of a punch for a first in a series novel.

Room 59 is a black-ops international agency not tied to any particular country. The mission is to stop global threats that no country wants to openly endorse action against. If a mission goes bad, there’s no one to call.

A secret contact in Cuba goes missing and Room 59 is called to action. Kate Cochran and her operatives go to work in the heart of Cuban and on the shores of Florida.

This book has great characters, is a fast page burner, and one you’ll enjoy. If you like spy novels you’ll get a kick out of Room 59 The Powers That Be. I thoroughly enjoyed the real setting, three-dimensional characters, and complex plot.

Cliff Ryder is one hell of a writer that knows how to chum the waters and suck you into the world of Room 59. I can’t wait for the next installment.