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Exploring Victorian London with L.M. Jackson

While researching an idea for a story anchored in Victorian London, I found an interesting web-site by historical thriller author L.M. Jackson. If you've ever been interested in that era and local go to The Victorian Dictionary and check it out. It's packed with any kind of information you'd need for writing or general interest. Jackson also has a blog called The Cat's Meat Shop.

Writer of five hostorical thrillers:

London Dust
(Arrow {Pbk} March 2003) (shortlisted for the 2003 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award)

A Metropolitan Murder
(Heinemann {Hbk} March 2004; Arrow {Pbk} October 2004)

The Welfare of the Dead
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2005; Arrow {Pbk} October 2005)

The Last Pleasure Garden
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2006; Arrow {Pbk} February 2007)

A Most Dangerous Woman
(Heinemann {Hbk} April 2007)

I'll be doing a review on A Most Dangerous Woman when I find the book.

Check him out and let me know what you think.